child learning through Applied Behavior AnalysisWhen it comes to autism spectrum disorder treatment programs, applied behavioral analysis, or ABA, is one of the most effective treatment options. As part of our in-home autism treatment program, our applied behavioral analysis program focuses on play-based treatment led by your child. Through this treatment, we can assist your child in the area that he or she needs the most help with, which, in most cases, is social interaction. Furthermore, because we know that no one treatment will help every child, we can tailor the ABA program to your child’s unique needs. With early intervention and qualified treatment programs, your child can grow to reach their fullest potential. For more information about how an applied behavior analysis program in New Jersey can assist your family, contact EMIT Therapeutics today at 908.376.6278.

What Is an Applied Behavioral Analysis Program?

An applied behavioral analysis program utilizes behavioral psychology principles to give children the chance to improve their ability to interact with other people and communicate their wants, needs, and desires. Like other behavioral therapeutic approaches, an ABA program provides a clinical, evidence-based treatment option. Furthermore, it allows children with an autism spectrum disorder to create skills outside of the treatment program. Applied behavioral analysis can cover situations that may occur at home, school, or in everyday life. Moreover, this autism spectrum disorder treatment program can give your child the skill to address their negative behaviors.

When we begin our ABA program, our treatment specialist begins with observation and evaluation. Using this information, we can begin creating a treatment plan to help your child. During the treatment, we’ll use play-based situations, which enables your child to learn at their developmental level. Through our applied behavioral analysis program, we reward positive behavior. This system is ideal for play-based treatment because rewards, and sometimes adverse consequences, are an inherent part of a child’s playtime. During applied behavioral analysis, your child can learn a range of skills, including:

  • Developing motor skills
  • Creating new social skills
  • Identifying and avoiding negative behaviors
  • Building tools to communicate their emotions and ideas

Parents can also learn from the techniques we teach in our applied behavioral analysis program. For instance, with this treatment option, you can learn to manage your child’s negative behaviors. Furthermore, because we provide this treatment in your home’s comfort, you will have the tools you need to reinforce these lessons. We strive to connect with both the parents and the child during our treatment programs. In doing so, we hope to implement beneficial structures and behaviors in your home.

Does the ABA Program Work?

Because applied behavioral analysis is an evidence-based practice, it has passed various tests, which determine its quality, effectiveness, and usefulness. Furthermore, therapists may use several different techniques, which we can tailor to the child’s needs. As a result, we know that if one method isn’t a useful tool for your child, we have several more that we can implement.

When we have used applied behavioral analysis over long periods, we recognize that this treatment improves the outcome for many children who have an autism spectrum disorder. In most cases, this program is most effective when the child receives therapy for 25 to 40 hours a week over 1 to 3 years. During this time, the parents should see progress in language development, intellectual functioning, social functioning, and daily living.

Contact EMIT Therapeutics

At EMIT Therapeutics, we’re proud to offer our applied behavioral analysis program alongside a range of other treatments, including:

  • Telehealth treatment
  • Early intervention treatment
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Family training

Your child can grow and thrive with our applied behavioral analysis program in New Jersey. To learn more about this program’s benefits or to enroll your child in treatment with EMIT Therapeutics, contact us today at 908.376.6278.