what are the causes of autism spectrum disorder

What are the Causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism spectrum disorder is a complex disorder that affects both communication and behavior. Many children demonstrate symptoms early in life, so experts classify this condition as a developmental disorder. Many families might be feeling that they have nowhere to turn for information or support after their child’s autism diagnosis. EMIT Therapeutics offers support and autism spectrum…

what are the types of autism spectrum disorder

What Are the Types of Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism spectrum disorder is a complicated medical disorder characterized by various behavioral, social, and developmental difficulties and interactions. Parents may become confused and bewildered when receiving a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. Then, they learn that there are different types of autism spectrum disorder. Understanding these various autism types and the treatments for the various…

Boy With High-Functioning Autism Receiving Applied Behavior Analysis Treatment

What Is High-Functioning Autism?

Autism does not have a single set of symptoms that have the same severity for each person. Some children have less severe symptoms. Therefore, some consider those with less-severe cases to be “high-functioning.” The older diagnosis would have been Asperger’s syndrome. However, every child with autism will require some support, regardless of how high functioning…

Girl With Autism Receiving Treatment Online During Covid-19 Pandemic

Addressing Potential Regression of Skills Due to COVID-19

A pandemic can seem to make the world stop, including the education and support your child with autism needs. COVID-19 autism treatment is different but remains essential. If your child’s access to autism treatment and autism therapies has changed or become nonexistent, it’s time to look for new solutions. At EMIT Therapeutics, we offer ways…

Mother Helping Child In Applied Behavior Analysis Activity as He Receives ABA Benefits

What Are The Top Benefits of Applied Behavior Analysis Treatment?

For many children with autism, communication, learning, and functioning in daily life is a challenge. Yet, for many, autism treatment can be helpful. Applied behavior analysis or ABA is one tool that may help give your son or daughter the support they need to learn and grow. At EMIT Therapeutics in New Jersey, we offer…

Child Bothered By Environment Sounds struggles with thoughts of self-injurious behavior

Self Injurious Behavior And Autism

Many times, the most frightening of situations for parents with children who have autism is self-injury. You may be able to protect your child from many things, but shielding them from this type of behavior is difficult. Understanding self-injurious behavior is not simple, either. For those who have children with autism engaging in this behavior,…