Autism spectrum disorders can appear differently in each child. As such, appropriate autism resources for children and families can allow you to be informed and make responsible decisions for your family. We’re proud to provide a variety of helpful links to help you with these decisions. To learn more about our autism treatment services and what is autism spectrum disorder, contact EMIT Therapeutics today at 908.376.6278

Autism Speaks

Perhaps the most famous autism awareness organization is Autism Speaks, an organization that was founded in 2005. This organization promotes autism awareness and provides assistance for families of individuals with autism. Their research provides insight into best practices in scientific grants and clinical care. 

With the help of Autism Speaks, you and your family members can learn about the signs and symptoms of autism, as well as information about screenings. You can also find more services in your area. You’ll also learn how to support your child as a parent. 


TACA, or The Autism Community in Action, is an organization that provides support, education, and hope to children and families with autism. They provide resources and information about how they can manage this condition and how to assist your child in the home. 

Autism New Jersey

This nonprofit organization is committed to providing a safe and fulfilling life for those living with autism, as well as their family members and treatment providers. With awareness, education, credible information, and initiatives on public policy, Autism New Jersey offers lifelong individualized services with skill and compassion. 

The ARC of New Jersey

This organization is one of the state’s biggest advocates for those with intellectual and developmental conditions, such as autism and their family members. This organization is a chapter of the nationwide ARC organization, though it is available through a variety of local chapters. The ARC of New Jersey provides a range of services, including: 

  • Self-Advocacy
  • Project HIRE
  • Mainstreaming medical care
  • Family advocacy


ASAH is a not-for-profit organization that offers highly specialized services to individuals of all ages with autism. Its critical role is to share information about the special education services available in New Jersey. For instance, they offer information about preschool services, parental rights, private school placement, and other critical topics. 

Autism Family Services of New Jersey 

Autism Family Services of NJ provides support and education for those with autism and their family members. They’re affiliates of the Family Resource Network, which brings community-based programs to individuals and families suffering from an array of disabilities. 

Learn More About Autism With EMIT Therapeutics

If your child has received an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis, you and your family are not alone. With the help of EMIT Therapeutics, we can give you the support you need in the comfort of your home. We offer a range of services, including:

  • Applied behavioral analysis
  • Telehealth treatment programs
  • Early intervention treatment programs
  • Speech and language therapy programs

To learn more about the services we offer at EMIT Therapeutics or schedule a free 15-minute consultation, please contact our team today at 908.376.6278 or fill out our convenient service enrollment form.