Autism spectrum disorder is a lifelong condition that often is diagnosed in early childhood. It is a developmental condition that affects the child’s cognitive functioning, social skills, and behavior. Additionally, children with autism often communicate in a different manner than other children. Depending on the severity of the condition, your child may need assistance with activities of daily living. Fortunately, there are ASD treatment programs available for your child, including a range of autism therapy programs, such as functional skills training and social skills training. When you seek early intervention services at EMIT Therapeutics, you give your child the skills they need to thrive. To learn more about our services, please reach out to our team today at 908.376.6278.

a child benefits from autism therapy programsThe Need for Autism Therapy Programs

Each child is unique, particularly if they have autism. We take the time to evaluate your child’s needs and diagnosis, which allows us to develop the best possible treatment plan for their condition. We tailor our therapy programs to help them improve their communication abilities and work through their frustrations. In addition, your child can develop their life skills and cognitive functions, allowing them to get the skills they need to live a reasonably regular life.

Our experts meet one-on-one with each child we work with to help them explore their world, communicate their needs, and accomplish specific tasks. The end goal of our therapy programs is that each child can thrive regardless of their challenges.

Our Autism Therapy Programs

EMIT Therapeutics works with the family members to develop a plan that will address your child’s unique needs. We will apply this treatment plan in the safety of your home so that your child feels safe while they get the support they need. It’s best to contact our team to learn what treatment will work best for your child.

Individual Therapy Program

One of the best ways we can support your child is through our individual therapy program. During this program, we work one on one with your child to help them develop the social and cognitive skills they don’t have yet. We help them pick up on social cues and improve their ability to talk to people around them.

Social Skills Groups

Social skills groups are a proven method to teach your child the essential skills necessary for social communication and play. During this program, we work in small groups (less than 8 children) to help your child develop the social and cognitive skills like making friends, understanding emotions, and having conversation.

Family Therapy Program

While autism explicitly affects your child, it impacts the entire family. A family therapy program offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Education about the child’s condition
  • Strengthening the relationships within the family
  • Supporting each member of the family’s mental health
  • Providing coping skills for life’s challenges
  • Improving communication between family members

Our family therapy program gives each family member the tools they need to perform at peak capacity.

Speech Therapy Program

Our speech therapy program addresses your child’s challenges with communication and language. It gives your child the chance to improve their social, nonverbal, and verbal communication so that they can interact with other people in more practical ways.

Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy Program

This autism therapy program allows your child to learn through a play-based treatment approach. We specifically offer this program because it was originally designed for children with autism. Applied behavioral analysis therapy gives your child the support they need with social interaction, and, as with every other program, we can tailor this option to suit the child’s needs.

Contact EMIT Therapeutics

When your child gets treatment for autism early in childhood, they have the chance to grow and enjoy a relatively normal life. Through our autism therapy programs, we can give your child the tools they need to interact with other people and understand the world around them. To learn more about our autism treatment programs, please reach out to EMIT Therapeutics today by calling our treatment team at 908.376.6278.