a child with autism benefits from a family therapy programAutism spectrum disorders affect families, so it makes sense that there would be therapy for them as a group. The impairments associated with autism can impact relationships, and those relationships, in turn, impact behaviors. A family therapy program for autism puts everyone together to set goals and face challenges. To access this treatment option, please reach out to EMIT Therapeutics today at 908.376.6278.

What Is a Family Therapy Program for Autism?

A family therapy program for autism focuses on two things: it helps family members cope with stress and allows them to learn more about each other in a safe environment.

Children with autism often have trouble communicating with others. Fortunately, a family therapy program can improve communication between parents and the child and between siblings. In addition, it works to help family members make sense out of what are often challenging situations.

Who Benefits From a Family Therapy Program for Autism?

Everyone in the family can benefit from this treatment option. For example, parents and siblings have stress related to autism. Family therapy teaches them mechanisms for managing that stress, improving their overall mental health.

A family therapist can also help the family deal with other mental health concerns, including depression and anxiety. Mental health disorders within the family can directly impact the progress of someone with autism.

Furthermore, family therapy can also focus on helping the patient. Often the core symptoms of autism spectrum disorders impact the whole family, each member must learn techniques to deescalate things like meltdowns. This treatment puts everyone on the same page regarding managing the symptoms, too, and creating a regular routine.

That daily structure and routine are also an essential part of autism treatment. It gets lost if two family members handle the same situation differently. In fact, for some people, a change in routine can trigger a meltdown.

Family therapy can teach parents the basics of advocating for their child with autism. It can provide them with resources and techniques to improve their child’s education and maximize their potential. They can also learn things such as how diet can affect behavior and if medications offer any benefit.

What to Expect From a Family Therapy Program

A family therapy program for autism uses different techniques to create positive cycles for the child. For example, our therapists might use proven techniques such as applied behavior analysis (ABA). This therapeutic option helps families understand bad behaviors and create positive goals.

Floor play is another possibility. It uses parent-child play to enhance socialization skills and to regulate emotions. They can collaborate on different ways to face key challenges, too. For example, how to control impulsive behaviors like running or spitting. The plan will vary from family to family and even therapist to therapist.

Seek Treatment at EMIT Therapeutics

EMIT Therapeutics offers both in-home and telehealth therapy sessions to patients and their families. We believe that therapies such as ABA improve the life skills of children with autism.

Our autism treatment programs treat both children and teens, working with patients from age 1.5 to 18 years. We also specialize in early intervention, which allows behavioral therapy to start before the child starts school. The early intervention begins around preschool age or even before when possible. This is when the child’s brain is still developing and is more flexible to change.

The services at EMIT Therapeutics include:

  • Telehealth treatment
  • Individual therapy
  • Applied behavior analysis

Additionally, we can provide a family therapy program when it is necessary. We work with parents and kids to improve communication, set structure, and enhance life skills. For those who live in New Jersey and have young children with signs of autism, consider whether early intervention and family therapy for autism spectrum disorders is the right option. To learn more about our services, give us a call at 908.376.6278 or fill out the contact form. We’d be happy to help!