children should practice autism life skills with parents

Ways to Teach Life Skills to Your Child with Autism

Autism can make daily life skills challenging. Children with autism may struggle to understand the world around them, which can create challenges at school and at home. Autism can make it difficult to understand the steps of home tasks like laundry, cooking, or understanding how money works. Often, this leads to misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and…

this child learns ABA benefits from his teacher

Why Is ABA a Top Treatment for Autism?

There are hundreds of treatment therapies for autism. However, not all therapies are created equal. One of the most common treatments for autism spectrum disorder is applied behavioral analysis (ABA). For children living with autism, ABA uses behavioral analysis and response to gauge learning progress. This treatment helps parents, doctors, and therapists better understand a…

a child practices speech therapy skills at home

How to Practice Speech Therapy Skills at Home

Effective speech therapy and language training begin at home. Many children with autism struggle to articulate words, have underdeveloped mouth, throat, and neck muscles, or don’t verbally communicate at all. In early childhood development, these are speech delays and often require in-office and at-home speech therapy programs. Speech delays can develop in the first six…

a father and son excel in their family therapy program

Qualities of a Successful Family Therapy Program for Autism

An autism diagnosis affects an entire family. Overnight hopes, dreams, plans, and aspirations change, and parenting becomes a different challenge. When a child is diagnosed with autism, parents can feel like they have limited support. Family therapy programs support children, parents, siblings, and extended family to help family members cope with and understand a learner’s…

early intervention for autism

Early Intervention Can Lead to Autism Success Stories

The early months and years of a child’s life are often the most challenging and exciting moments for parents. For those experiencing an autism diagnosis, their lives change overnight. Expectations, hopes, and dreams for their child shift as new expectations and challenges arise. Early intervention programs can make a huge difference in a child’s autism…

a child with autism participates in telehealth treatment

Proven Telehealth Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Today, telehealth treatment is becoming a standard type of medical care across the country. For those seeking autism treatment, telehealth offers a stress-free convenient support system from the comfort of home. Many children with autism struggle with social anxiety and prefer to be at home. Telehealth therapy, educational tools, and doctors can free parents from…

a mom benefits from her autism parent training program

What You’ll Learn in Autism Parent Training

An autism diagnosis can be one of the most significant challenges a child and their parents undergo. Overnight a family’s life can change. Not only do hopes, dreams, and expectations for your child’s future shift, so does your own parenting. No matter the severity of an autism diagnosis, parents should never go through the journey…

a child benefits from early intervention for autism

Characteristics of a Good Early Intervention Program

The early months of a child’s life are often the most challenging time for parents. However, some children begin struggling with social interactions, and the parent suspects autism. In such cases, an early autism diagnosis can make a world of difference for parents and children with ASD. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) presents in 1 in…

social skills for aspergers is important for these two young children

Benefits of Social Skills Programs for Asperger’s Syndrome

In recent years, awareness of Asperger’s syndrome has increased as more people are diagnosed with this high-functioning type of autism. With Asperger’s syndrome frequently portrayed on television and awareness in the media, there is a greater general understanding of the social skills struggles that face those with Asperger’s. These challenges often present as difficulty understanding…