social skills for aspergers is important for these two young children

Benefits of Social Skills Programs for Asperger’s Syndrome

In recent years, awareness of Asperger’s syndrome has increased as more people are diagnosed with this high-functioning type of autism. With Asperger’s syndrome frequently portrayed on television and awareness in the media, there is a greater general understanding of the social skills struggles that face those with Asperger’s. These challenges often present as difficulty understanding…

a woman helps with different types of autism

Are There Different Types of Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) covers a wide range of developmental challenges and symptoms. Often it takes time to get a diagnosis of autism, and the process can feel overwhelming for the family because it cannot simply be diagnosed with a blood test. Because of its complexity, it can be hard to understand the different types…

nj autism resources are available with emit therapeutics

Finding Good Autism Resources in NJ

One of the first challenges parents face when their child is diagnosed with ASD is finding the proper support and resources for their family. There is a wealth of autism resources, support groups, and therapy programs around the world. However, it can be a challenge finding autism support close to home. Educating yourself and your…

parent autism support is important for these family members

3 Ways Parents Can Support Their Child with ASD

Early childhood with an ASD diagnosis can be overwhelming for parents. A parent’s plans for their child’s early years and future can shift instantly with the diagnosis. Parents may feel lost among various autism treatment programs, therapists, and their own feelings. The varied symptoms and needs of a child with ASD can leave parents in…

a doctor works on a formal autism diagnosis

What Is the Process of a Formal Autism Diagnosis?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) presents various symptoms and challenges occurring in learners of any age. A formal autism diagnosis cannot be determined with a simple blood test. Early intervention screenings with doctors and clinicians incorporate behavioral observation and analysis to track a child’s autism symptoms. ASD diagnosis can occur at a milestone check-up in the…

a puzzle represents the different types of autism treatments

Ranges of Treatments for Different Types of Autism

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) covers a wide range of symptoms and developmental challenges for young learners. While some struggle with verbal communication, others may have more difficulty reading emotions. Because there are many types of autism, therapy can range from multimodal to a single type of therapy, such as applied behavioral analysis. However, we take…

a child participates in speech therapy for autism

What to Expect in Speech Therapy for Autism

Many children with autism struggle to communicate. For some children, understanding body language or reading facial expressions may seem impossible. Others may have trouble articulating words and voicing their needs. These challenges may lead to isolation, frustration, and a lack of future independence. In some cases, communication challenges lead to bullying and difficulty building a…

a child benefits from individual therapy for autism

3 Reasons to Seek Individual Therapy for an Autistic Child

Autism affects every child differently, providing challenges at home, school, and beyond. While currently there are no treatments to cure ASD, individual therapy programs practice holistic approaches to a child’s individual needs. Working across disciplines, therapists address communication, behavior, and life skill challenges as well as a child’s unique strengths. Together, parents and therapists can…

a little girl benefits from a telehealth treatment program

What Does a Telehealth Treatment Program for Autism Offer?

Telehealth medicine is increasing in popularity and efficacy as more people seek treatment and support on their own schedule. For children and parents seeking autism treatment, it can often be difficult and overwhelming to find the right autism treatment program for a child’s specific needs. For many, telehealth treatment programs are a great way to…

aba for high functioning autism is a great method

Benefits of ABA For High Functioning Autism

Applied behavioral analysis, also called ABA, is the leading therapy for ASD. For children with symptoms of autism, ABA focuses on analyzing behavior and behavior response to the world around them. Communicating with young children on the autism spectrum can provide a breadth of challenges and frustrations many parents don’t know how to meet. Navigating…